SANTORI Trilogy Book 3

PETER SANTORI is living the dream. He’s got a hot gangster boyfriend named Gio who treats him with the respect he deserves. It’s a fairy tale come true. He may not know much about what’s going on in Gio’s business, but that’s okay with him. He’s perfectly fine with sitting around and looking pretty.

But when disaster strikes, Peter’s world is turned upside-down. Now he must make some tough decisions, and those decisions could make or break him.

MICHAEL KAGE SANTORI is fascinated with his uncle Peter’s journals. Not only does the story play out like a Shakespearean tragedy, but it could hold the key to why his life turned out the way it did.


But Kage has a lot more to worry about besides his uncle’s diaries. He’s lost his boyfriend, and the only way to get him back is to play hardball with some real bad guys.

Follow Kage and Jamie, and Peter and Gio as their story concludes in Santori Reloaded, the final chapter in the Santori Trilogy.


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