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The Kage Trilogy

Jamie Atwood has a great life. A cheerleader girlfriend, a promising future in sports journalism, and friends who support him. He’s got a picket fence and 2.5 kids in his future. He’s perfectly satisfied.

Then he gets an internship working as a publicist for brooding MMA fighter, Michael Kage Santori, and his entire world is turned upside-down.

Everyone else seems to think his boss is a monster, but all Jamie wants to do is kiss him. Touch him. Feel his body move against his. And that’s all kinds of wrong, because Jamie is straight.

Or at least he thought he was.

Follow Jamie’s adventures as he gets sucked into a mind-bending world of secrets, lies, betrayal, and dark lust like he never knew existed.

The Santori Trilogy

(The continuation of the Kage Trilogy… Must be read in order.)

Jamie Atwood and Michael Kage Santori are beginning their new life together. Everything should be wonderful, right?  But secrets have a way of destroying even the strongest of couples. Especially secrets as dark as the ones Kage is hiding. 

Suddenly Jamie’s future is uncertain, and Kage is lying to him, and he just feels so lost. He has no idea that the demons Kage is facing are sinister enough to bring their whole world crashing down around them.

Now they must make their way through the dark and twisted maze of murder and deceit, where Kage is in danger of losing his very soul. Can their love survive? Will they even make it out in one piece?

Find out in this explosive conclusion to their story.

SSU Boys Series

The boys of Southeastern State University are discovering themselves in more ways than one.

If you like Gay-for-You and Out-for-You stories, these books are for you. Follow this tight-knit group of college friends as they learn what it means to sacrifice for love and friendship.

Experience the joys of first love and first heartbreak along with these characters, which include college wrestlers, exotic dancers, football players, one obscenely rich guy, and a set of hot twin country boys.

With just the right blend of angst and sweetness, tears and laughter, these hot young boys have got it all.