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December 5, 2014
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December 10, 2014
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UNDECLARED Reviewed by Dan – Love Bytes Reviews

Reviewed by Dan
Love Bytes Reviews

Welcome to the third book in Maris Black’s SSU Boys series. Once again we’re back with the familiar crowd. This time Julian and Beck have gotten their club “Trybe” open to the public. Liam, who we met briefly in the previous book “Smitten” is a bouncer at the club.  Imagine his surprise when Blake shows up as one of the regular dancers.

For anyone who hasn’t read “Smitten”, Liam and Blake had a huge falling out during that book when Liam invited Blake to sleep in his room, and then left his jeans on, stayed way at the far side of the bed and insisted that he was straight. The next day he treated Blake like a leper and they haven’t spoken since.

Now they are back, stuck working together at “Trybe” and Liam is still insisting he is straight, even though he can’t even glimpse Blake without getting a woody. Ms. Black takes us through a journey of self-discovery and acceptance in this book. Along the way we and Blake meet Liam’s family, a bunch of bow making, bow hunting, plaid shirt and baseball cap wearing rednecks and every one of the guys in the family is as big as Liam. We also get to meet Blake’s charming mother (said facetiously).

Do the two stand a chance of becoming a couple? How is it even possible with Liam being straight? How do they get by the family drama on both Blake’s and Liam’s end? And what will happen when Blake meets Liam’s identical twin brother…who just happens to be gay?

I recommend this book, as I do all of Maris Black’s books. It is well written, well edited and while there is plenty of sex, it isn’t on every other page with filler words in between.   There is an actual story. I enjoyed this book as much as the previous ones in the series. I would recommend you read the other books in the series before this one. The characters flow through into each subsequent book, so reading the first two books will help with continuity. My advice? Pick up all three today! Pinned, Smitten and Undeclared.

RATING: 4.5 Stars