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June 23, 2014
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July 15, 2014
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SMITTEN Reviewed by Tootsie – MM Good Book Reviews

Review by Tootsie
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If you are a fan of Maris Black, you no doubt join me in my elation with her newest release, Smitten (SSU Boys#2). If you have not had the pleasure of reading Pinned, the first in the series, you will be doing yourself a favor by reading it first. I don’t think it’s mandatory, as you will still be able to follow along, however, the main characters from the first show up here on several occasions. To have the back-story and be able to know all the characters history involved, IMO, makes for a better, enjoyable read. Now, having said all of that, I was quite anxious to get on with Smitten and see what delights Dan gets himself into.

Dan Fisher is your typical college student. No car, no money, partying too much, but he’s honest to a fault, good-looking, boy crazy and a good friend. So it’s not hard to believe when Avery Wakefield, a popular girl in class, asks him to be her escort for her Debutante ball that he agrees. How hard could it be to pretend to be her boyfriend? She knows he’s gay, so no pressure there, and the best part…..he’s going to get a brand new wardrobe, courtesy of Avery. Easy, right? Dan thought so, that is, until he meets Avery’s brother, Julian.

Julian Wakefield is one gorgeous specimen of a man. He’s also wealthy, smart, and a big/fat/jerk. That is the impression he gives, anyway, because he tries to keep people at a distance. He’s dated many women. They just have never done anything for him. He has even experimented with a couple of guys, but he really thought it was just a phase. A need to satisfy his curiosity. So why does Dan, his sister’s boyfriend (just his luck) have all these thoughts and tingly feelings, stirring in his gut? AND, on top of his already confused head, his father is at it again, setting him up with the daughter of a golf buddy.

Julian is finished with his father’s games. He finally has found someone who makes him happy. He has never had thoughts or feelings for anyone like he has building for Dan. Their chemistry, when they aren’t concerned about others, is magnetic. They make a great couple, they laugh, play and even though Julian is basically a virgin in regards to male/male sex, oh, my….he does learn fast and has no trouble satisfying Dan. Unfortunately, there are things brewing in the background that turn into a real tragedy. Julian and Dan’s relationship will be tested to the limit. Misunderstandings will happen, and they may lose everything they have found before it ever has a chance to grow.

Maris Black earned her spot as one of my most favorite authors when I read, Owning Corey. With each new release, her storytelling excels and she pulls you in, confidant you will not stray. Her stories are made up of real life situations, they are current with the times, and having kids in college myself, I can relate to the scenarios she presents to us. She also writes with a freshness that is certainly appealing. She’s not afraid to show fear or doubt with her characters allowing them to grow and mature, within the context of the story. As far as the sex scenes, they are plentiful but not overdone. She only takes her characters there when they should be, and only if it is moving the plot forward. I love the boys that she has graciously shared with us and look forward to reading more about the rest. In fact, I even ordered my own t-shirt of SSU in support of the guys.

If you haven’t read this series, I highly recommend it. Her prose is tight, clean and will keep you interested page after page. I did find a couple of misspellings, but that doesn’t deter me from enjoying the story. She makes me laugh, smile and even though a tear or two may fall, she makes you want to continue on with determination, knowing better things will come. The side characters are just as witty, smart, and funny. They aren’t there just as filler. They serve a purpose and bring the story full circle. I don’t know who of the SSU boys will be up next, but regardless, I know it will be a great story.


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