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June 19, 2014
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SMITTEN Reviewed by Eric – MM Good Book Reviews

Review by Eric
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There is nothing like reading a fully fleshed out novel that comes out like fine wine from an author. Maris Black’s Smitten is one of those books that stands out beautifully and while the cover is intriguingly sexy, the novel itself is breathtakingly gorgeous. It is only a matter of time before I become obsessed with the author’s work. And the more I read into the novel the more I understood the author that had a strong understanding to what she was writing.

Dan Fisher and Julian Wakefield are two realistic amazing characters that are as true as you and me. Dan finds himself falling for his friend Avery Wakefield’s brother when he pretends to be her boyfriend for her cotillion that her mother pushes her into having. And when she asks Dan, he agrees to it. But when he meets Julian, he wants to call all bets off. He wants him more than he can control his emotions to hold back.

The true story behind the characters stands strong no matter what. It shows the truth behind the rich and the poor. It shows that no matter what things will work out in someone’s favour if they take a chance. And the more the reader goes into the book, the more they truly understand the strength of the story.

As I read the story, I found myself wanting to meet Dan and Julian. To get to know them and talk to them like good friends do. And I can guarantee the reader will feel the same way, as well. I would highly recommend this novel as well as the other novels by Maris Black to someone and anyone that wants a solid story and beautiful characters that show their flaws and share their thoughts. This is a no holds barred beautiful book.