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November 10, 2015
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November 10, 2015
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Review: Kage Unmasked by Dan at Love Bytes Reviews


Finally, after MONTHS of waiting, we have the conclusion of the Kage Trilogy from Maris Black. What is that you say? It hasn’t been exactly MONTHS? OK, in reality it has only been five months since we first met these characters in Kage and only two months since we had part two in Kage Unmasked. Three books in five months is a lot for any author, especially when they total 666 pages between the three. Maris Black doesn’t do those less than one hundred page novellas. All her books that I’ve read are full length, well thought out and well executed novels. The three books in this trilogy are no exceptions.

In Kage Unlimited we finally learn the truth about Uncle Peter Santori. I was wrong. I thought for sure he was mafia, but what he was instead was pure evil. I really liked how Maris continued her back and forth perspectives between Jamie and Kage. I felt that really let us into the thoughts, feelings, strengths and shortcomings of both men. When the truth of Michael Kage Santori’s childhood trauma was finally revealed, it was an “ah ha” moment. It was like a light bulb turning on and explaining why Kage is who he is, and why he has always had problems with feelings.

I loved this book. I think Ms. Black did a great job telling us the story of these two men. From the early days when Jamie thought he was a heterosexual, to the drama in book two, to the serious drama in this current book. I particularly liked the “oops” when Jamie and Kage snuck into Jamie’s mom’s pantry closet and had some hot alone time, only to come out with Kage’s fingerprints in blue marker all over Jamie’s face. Probably one of my favorite scenes in the book…well other than Jamie and Peter’s discussion on the balcony.

One final note.  I rated this installment just slightly lower than the previous ones for one reason and one reason alone.  I wasn’t super excited with the jump and wrap up conclusion.  It left me with some questions…like who the hell was Aaron actually and where did he go?  I did like the HEA though.  If you’re a fan of HEAs, this one has one!

Enough spoilers. If you are a fan of Maris Black, you need to read this book. If you aren’t already a fan of her writing, you should be. Go out and get Kage today. Each of the first two books were cliffhangers, but now the trilogy is complete, so you have no excuse!

I highly recommend this book to any and all. Have I mentioned that I LOVE Maris Black’s books?  Now what are you bringing us next Ms. Black????


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