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November 10, 2015
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Review: Kage Unmasked by Alex at Rainbow Book Reviews

The third book of the KAGE trilogy puts a luscious cherry atop what is one of the most riveting male/male romance series that I have ever read. If you have not read these books, run, don’t walk, and get them. You will not be disappointed.  Mixed martial arts fighter Kage is the ultimate mix of alpha, intrigue, and hotness, and college cutie Jamie is the personification of luscious boy-next-door with pluck. When these two laid eyes on each other sparks ignited and author Maris Black fanned the resulting flame into a fiery inferno of profound romance that is hotter than a Molotov cocktail. I could do nothing but keep turning the pages, muttering “Duh-am…”

This latest book finds Kage and Jamie confronting Kage’s personal demons and outing themselves to Jamie’s family and friends. The events are not without complications as Kage’s villainous uncle finally shows his true face. I’m not one to write spoilers so I’ll just speak on what makes this book just as sensational and dizzyingly perfect as the previous two.

For one, the pacing is dynamic; there are no wasted words. From the dialogue through the mesmerizing behind-the-scene glimpses of the world of MMA fighting, each episode contained the appropriate amount of stimulation to make my heart rev a little faster with anticipation. Events play out at a good clip, but grant Kage and Jamie plenty of time to convey a full range of believable emotions that made me love these well-developed characters even more.

Secondly, all of the love scenes are just that, love scenes. From the lust-induced, rock hard, visceral sex scenes to the couple’s playful teasing encounters, the language and events are doused in the sweetness of romance. This is lovemaking at its best… Kage and Jamie were falling deeply in love and with each scintillating scene I felt privileged to experience their joy. And perhaps that’s the secret of this series’ success…you get to experience falling in love again and again.

And lastly, kudos to the author for getting the nuances of the fight game correct and showing restraint in sharing overmuch. Excellent research and skillful information weaving translated into wonderful vignettes of color that put a lovely stamp of masculinity on the story and added a tangible blood-sweat-and-bone note that is the true essence of the fight game. Grounded in authentic details, a fighter’s diet, making weight for a fight, the press conferences, and the adrenaline overload, the love story of Kage and Jamie plays out beautifully and the end is to-die-for. This is definitely a not to be missed story and series. I almost envy a new-to-the-series reader’s awaiting journey, but—yet another gift—the books are eminently rereadable!

Thank you, Maris Black, for writing all the right things to make my mouth fall open…smiling, panting, laughing…in love.

“What is hotter than hot?  The Kage Trilogy.”


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