Rainbow Book Reviews – 5 Stars for PINNED

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Rainbow Book Reviews – 5 Stars for PINNED

Review by ALEX
Rainbow Book Reviews

Wow, what a wonderful collegiate wrestling love story. Seriously this is one of the best jock gay fiction / male/male romance tales I’ve read in a while. Right up there with J.H. Kiley’s ‘Out’ and Mickie B. Ashling’s ‘Horizons’.

Free of a meth-head mother, an abusive father, and a backwoods trailer park that he called home, poor boy Jeremy Miller has high hopes as he sets off for college. He is looking to gain some friends, win a spot on the wrestling team, and do well in the major he selected. But most of all he’s hoping to find a real boyfriend. Someone with whom he can be openly affectionate and who will be open with him in return. On the very first day, Jeremy meets Beck, the gorgeous and talented captain of the wrestling team, and sparks fly. But Jeremy isn’t sure if Beck is straight or gay and he can’t just ask a guy that, right? Is Beck flirting with him or is Jeremy just imagining something he desperately wants?

Captain of the college wrestling team, Beck, has a strict regime and a serious strategy for college. Outing himself is not in the plan. It could screw up his wrestling scholarship and that, hard work, and keeping his head down will guarantee he’ll earn the Sports Medicine degree he’s after in record time. He’s managed to control his sexual appetite through his dedication to his sport and by the occasional visit to an off-campus gay bar where mum is the word should you meet your hookup on campus. But everything changes on the first day of his junior year, when he sees a freshman butting heads with one of his wrestling teammates. Startled by the instant attraction he feels for the freshman, suddenly he’s making moves of a type he’s forbidden himself, and endangering his well-laid plans.  He tries to put on the brakes, but despite his best efforts Beck can’t stop thinking about the hotheaded, hot-bodied freshman, Jeremy Miller.

This is one snappy and romantic story. Skillfully written in a mixed point of view, bi-chapter style, the story is put together like a sleek racing machine.  I couldn’t stop reading it and even now, have difficulty believing it’s 336 pages long—the story simply flies. Hot boys, lots of tension, and tons of fulfilling, meaningful smex-isodes make for a helluva romantic story. The mixed POV style let me get to know the two leads intimately and I’d be hardpressed to pick which one I loved more.

Jeremy is adorable as the plucky, talented boy from the wrong side of the tracks, who’s been running off his grit all his life. Jeremy has never backed down from a fight and he’s not going to start just because college life is new to him. He’s not out looking for trouble, but if it finds him, well, I feel sorry for the other guy. Wrap all that grit and confidence up in a hot, tight, compact-bodied, sweet-faced boy wrestler, and you have the best of both worlds. Yeah, Jeremy is smoking hot for all the right reasons.

I found Beck to be the ultimate all-American golden boy. And there is nothing quite as agreeable as reading about a hot, straight-laced, talented, mature Boy Scout with a plan—getting put through his paces when love comes a calling. Beck was perfect in this role and really believable. I applaud the author for showing restraint at the appropriate moments with Beck, it really highlighted his shock and scramble attitude and gave a genuine realism to his character.

When I try to pinpoint what made this story so good, I have to start with the pacing. It was phenomenal.  There was an almost perfect balance between the tender, tense, hot and apprehensive moments in the story.  Also the author delivered just the right amount of detail to the college life narrative and the assorted supportive players, making the story really fluid. And finally, and this is hard for me to put into words, but I’ll give it a go. The author has a good grip on what makes a male—a male. Both characters had a solid goal-orientated mindset that is true to men. Before they were gay, before they were wrestlers, what I got first, is that Jeremy and Beck were men, and that is no easy accomplishment when writing romance.

And yes I did tap my Kindle and order all the other books Amazon carries for this author, immediately. Love this story, L.O.V.E!!! Thank you Maris Black, I’m having a really good time with your boys.

“Scorching, Skid marks on my heart, Hot”

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