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Two hot college wrestlers take it off the mat. One is afraid to risk his future… the other, his heart. When outside forces threaten to take them down, who will risk everything?

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Two hot college wrestlers take it off the mat. One is afraid to risk his future… the other, his heart. When outside forces threaten to take them down, who will risk everything?

All Jeremy Miller can think about is getting away from his abusive home life, making the wrestling team, and finally getting a real boyfriend. He’s sick of being used by high school football players who are too afraid to admit they like guys. What he doesn’t count on is losing his heart to the gorgeous, golden-eyed captain of the wrestling team…

Or having to keep their hot, sweaty nights a secret at all costs.

With a wrestling scholarship, a shot at a national title, and a guaranteed spot in an elite sports medicine program, Beck has got it made. Yeah, he’s gay and wishing he didn’t have to hide it, but there will be plenty of time for dating after graduation. Until then, he doesn’t need anything to get in the way of his big plans. Not even the adorable freshman wrestler he can’t stop pinning to the mattress every chance he gets.

It just feels so right when they’re together… How could they ever imagine the horrific turn of events that will rip them apart, body and soul?

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