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July 11, 2013
March 7, 2014
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PINNED Reviewed by Wency – Love Bytes Reviews

Reviewed by Wency
Love Bytes Reviews

I admit that what really caught my attention about this book is that it’s about wrestling. I’m not a fan of wrestling but put in a book and gay themed? Oh man. That got me wanting to read this so much and I was really getting hot for the main characters even just after reading the blurb.

Jeremey Miller wants freedom more than anything in his life. Freedom from his hellish life in Trailer Park and freedom to be himself and finally have a real boyfriend. So College was his best shot to finally make anything out himself and build a new life. But nothing prepared him to be head over heels with Beck, the wrestling team captain, and the problems that goes along with someone on the closet.

And Beck? He is in the closet but he does occasional causal hookups but never ever dated anyone he hookups with. That’s the rule. The golden one. And getting all tied up in knots for someone wasn’t on his agenda. But with Jeremy? He can rethink all his plans and rules, right?

A great read! I am glad that this book did not disappoint me and I really enjoyed this one. Couldn’t put this down. It just sucked me in with the main characters that are engaging, the scenes and the setting of this book. I like the mix of their character traits. Beck, who is sweet and possessive and Jeremy with his shy personality but can be dominating when put in bed. Put that all together? We get this really hot and enjoyable book.

The plot is pretty much solid for me. The first half of the story was really my favorite part of this book. The part where they are feeling each other if the other is gay or not. And I just love their moves in that part. Especially Beck’s. The dual point of view also made the story more engaging. It makes the unfolding of the story more interesting because it gives us the character’s perception on the situation they are in. That’s one of the things I really like about this book.

There are some parts that bothered me though. But it’s minimal. Maybe because it was not just my scene or I’m not comfortable with it. But other than that, this is enjoyable and engaging book. A joyride!

Sometimes all I need is this kind of book to make my days complete. I would go to my room and spend the rest of the day there.