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December 3, 2014
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PINNED & INITIATION Reviewed by Dan – Love Bytes Reviews

Reviewed by Dan
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PINNED: SSU Boys Book 1

I loved this first book in the author’s SSU Boys series. In this installment we are introduced first to Jeremy a freshman at Southeastern State University (SSU). Jeremy is away from home for the very first time. We find out right away that he is worried about fitting in because he owns two pairs of jeans, a few t-shirt, some socks and underwear, and an old falling apart car. Jeremy grew up in Blackwood, Georgia, the same town we were introduced to in the author’s book “Owning Corey”. He definitely didn’t grow in one of the better parts of town, but instead in a trailer park that he calls “Center of Hell” Trailer Park. His father is an alcoholic and his mother is a meth addict. To top it off, Jeremy is gay and has never been able to express it openly. The best thing Jeremy has going for him is his talent at wrestling and his hopes to make the University team.

Immediately upon arriving on campus Jeremy gets in trouble for talking to the girlfriend of a huge hulk of a guy who it turns out is also a wrestler. When the guy threatens him, another guy jumps in and stops him. Enter Beck, or to be more exact Calvin Barnwell Beckett, III. We only hear the name a couple times, so Beck it is! Beck, a junior and the Captain of the wrestling team befriends Jeremy and shows him around campus. Jeremy catches a lot of flirting coming his way from Beck but he isn’t sure Beck is even gay. That question is answered the first night at a party at Beck’s quad student housing apartment.

From then on we have a problem. Jeremy wants to be out and proud. Beck doesn’t want anyone to know he is gay and certainly doesn’t want to jeopardize his wresting scholarship. He has fooled around with guys before but only as “no strings attached”. The last thing he wants is a relationship. So why can’t he get the cute little freshman wrestler out of his mind?

Along the way through the book, we have misconceptions, homophobia, naked women hitting on both of the guys in a hot tub, and even a confrontation with Jeremy’s dad. When Jeremy is trapped in a sinister blackmail scheme, all seems lost.

Will love prevail? Will Jeremy get away from the blackmailer? Will Beck realize that love is more important that a scholarship? Will they be able to get by their pasts and move on? All answers you’ll get when you read the book.

I highly recommend this book. You will enjoy every page.

RATING: 4.5 Stars


INITIATION: SSU Boys 1.5 (A Short)

I really enjoyed this short novella set in the author’s SSU Boys series. In this installment we are introduced to Emilio, the narrator of the story. Emilio is a sophomore at SSU and is a linebacker on the school’s football team.

The story starts at the initiation of the freshmen football players. Initiation being a nice name for hazing. While the hazing is occurring, Emilio make eye contact with a freshman who isn’t getting hazed. That freshman, Andrew is checking out Emilio’s crotch! One thing leads to another, we have a quick interrupted attempt at sex, then Andrew takes Emilio home to meet his mother, who it seems already knows all about him.

The rest of the story is set the next day when the team goes off to another town for their first overnight football away game. For such a short story, I felt I really got to know the characters and I really want to know what happens to them down the road after this story ends!

I recommend this novella.  I’ve gotten it on good authority that this teaser will be expanded in the near future and we will hear more from Emilio and Andrew!  This novella is a standalone and can be read on it’s own, but I highly recommend you read all the books in the series!

RATING: 4.5 Stars