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November 11, 2014
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November 16, 2014
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OWNING COREY Reviewed by Dan – Love Bytes Reviews

Reviewed by Dan
Love Bytes Reviews

The author has written a very believable story with full living and breathing characters. To be honest, I’ve read it at least four times. I enjoy it each time as much as the first time.

The book starts out by introducing us to the unapproachable Dr. Ben Hardy, the Chief of Staff at the small urgent care hospital in Blackwood, Georgia. The people in the town and at the hospital love him, even though his nickname unbeknownst to him, is Dr. Ice at the hospital. The scene is a staff Christmas party and Ben is over it. He is not a party person, and one person in particular, the overly handsome new EMT, Corey, is particularly bugging him. Ben’s girlfriend, Christina, has her hands all over Corey. Imagine Ben’s surprise when Christina suggests the three of them ditch the party and go back to her house and watch a movie and drink a few beers. That surprise is quickly surpassed when they get to Christina’s house and she throws on a porn movie with two men and a woman and announces she wants to have sex with both of them.

A couple days later, they agree. Who knew they would end up being more turned on by each other when they double penetrated Christina? From there Ms. Black takes us on a journey of self-discovery and the de-thawing of Dr. Ice.

What will happen when Ben and Corey get to know each other better? Who is the sleazy guy, Allister, who shows up one day claiming to be a long lost friend of Corey? Who is the private detective skulking around? And finally, who is driving a Dartz armored SUV through the streets of Blackwood? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

A word of warning.  If you are looking for a true m/m/f book, this one isn’t for you.  There are a couple m/m/f sex scenes, but the women are supplemental to the story and treated more as a means to an end of getting Ben and Corey sexually involved.  Christina is written as a gold digger and some comments in the book might shock some people and make them think Ms. Black is disrespecting women.  Those comments need to be read in context, particularly the one about the pink toothbrush showing up.  The author isn’t bashing women, she is broadening the character of Ben to show you how he feels, and part of his basic insecurities.  I’ve always said a successful author is one that can instill strong feelings in the reader while they are reading the book.  From some other reviews I’ve read on this book, I can tell you she did with this one!

I’ve read this book four times for a reason. In my opinion, Ms. Black’s writing is fantastic. As an aside, thank you Ms. Black for expanding my knowledge. I now know what a Russian built Dartz is, and after my Google search I know it is available with Whale Penis Leather seats. Really….I couldn’t make that up!

I really enjoyed this book and recommend you buy it today.