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I was born in Southeast Georgia, where the towns were small and the minds even smaller. It was a relief to escape to college, where I majored in English and discovered the joys of creative writing and literary interpretation. After honing my skills and discovering hidden meanings authors probably never intended, I collected my worthless English degree and got a job at a newspaper making minimum wage. Eventually, I had to admit that small town reporting was not going to pay the bills, so I went back to school and became a Respiratory Therapist. Logical progression, right?

During high school, college, and every subsequent job, no matter what I did, my school notebooks and journals would not stop filling up with fiction. I was constantly plotting, constantly jotting prose, constantly casting the people I met as characters in the secret novels in my head. I'm sure I can blame my creative mother for that one!


When I finally started writing fiction for a living, I surprised myself with my choice of genre. I’d always known I wanted to write romance, but the first story that popped out was about a couple of guys finding love during a threesome with a woman. Then I wrote about more guys, and more guys, and more guys. I was never a reader of gay fiction, and I’d never planned to write it. The only excuse I have for myself is that when I finally got serious and put pen to paper, or hand to keyboard as it were, M/M is what came out.

I now adore the M/M genre with all my heart. It feels sort of like coming home. I can’t quite explain it. I’ve always had openly gay and bisexual friends and relatives, the rights and acceptance of whom are very important to me, so it feels great to celebrate that. But there’s also something so pure and honest about the love between two men that appeals to me on a romantic level and inspires me to write.

Thank you, men. 🙂

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