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May 26, 2015
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5 Stars for KAGE by Aerin — MM Good Book Reviews

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 5 Hearts

Reviewer: Aerin

I’m so blown away by this book, I’m not even sure how to write this review, so excuse my babbling. Let me start with raging about that damn cliffhanger! I had no clue this was going to end with a stupid cliffhanger and it’s going to kill me to wait until the end of august to read the next installment. Arrgghh!

I was a bit afraid to start reading this book, because I’m a big fan of MMA and UFC. But wait, that doesn’t make any sense, does it? I didn’t want to read about rules and fights and sponsorship, I was afraid not enough research was done prior to writing this book, you know stuff like that. Because I really wanted to like this book, I didn’t want to find things that would take away from the story. This is nothing like I expected but exactly what I needed.
After reading a few books that were low on steamy sex, I wanted a book with raw, dirty, gritty, passionate sex. Well let me tell you this book is EVERYTHING! The sexual tension between Kage and Jamie is so thick, I still feel it like an extra layer on my skin. Yes, I breathed, felt and sensed the damned tension the whole time, and I seriously got light-headed several times because my brain simply fried. I’m not lying, I’ve never ever read a book so sexually charged! It was awesome! When Kage and Jamie finally get together, it’s explosive; I simply can’t think of a better word. The sex between them is raw and passionate, the emotions are right there for us to see, it’s a bit aggressive and wild; it’s PERFECT!

This book is told in 1st person past tense in Jamie’s pov, so we get to know Jamie very well, while Kage remains mysterious, unknown; all we know about him comes from Jamie’s direct knowledge, but Jamie’s clueless for a long time. Yet we still get an insight about Kage from his behavior.

I loved Kage, the moody bastard. He is a very intense character, multi-layered, complex; there are different sides of him, and I loved how that was portrayed. He seems like a very real character, exactly how I expect fighters to be. But what I loved the most was the obvious way he desired Jamie, no hesitation or second-guessing on his part. He never wanted to hide Jamie and he wasn’t afraid to come out of the closet, regardless of the consequences. Plus he was kind of funny on top of being so intense, so he is by far my favorite character in this book.

“No need to rub it in, Jamie.” Steve crossed his arms and fixed me with a mock glare. “We can’t all be as hot as you, coming in here with those big brown fuck-me eyes and wrapping the boss man around your little wee-wee.”
“That is ridiculous!” My mouth fell open. Kage just laughed, and I stared helplessly at him. I looked around behind us to make sure we were still alone. “Do you just let your employees say shit like that? What if someone heard him and believed that?”
Kage stopped laughing and smiled at me. “You want me to set him straight?”
I nodded emphatically. “Yes.”
Kage put on his serious face and took a deep breath. “Steve, just so you know, Jamie’s wee-wee is not little.”

“Anybody touches you, I’ll kill them.” His voice was rough with passion, and with rage. I hadn’t expected the rage. “Do you understand me? I’ll fucking kill them.”
“I understand. Yes. Oh, God, Kage. Yes. Yes.” The man was hitting me just right. That’s all the excuse I had for saying the shit I was saying, because I was agreeing to back him if he committed murder— giving him my unconditional permission to kill anyone who touched me. But God, it felt that fucking good.

Jamie had a harder time to come to terms with his sexuality. I believe him to be bisexual, although there’s never been anyone in his life to make him feel things as intense as Kage does. Like he says, Kage is everything to him, but his reluctance to come out to his parents and acknowledge Kage as his boyfriend result in Jamie finding himself unceremoniously dumped. As much as I wanted to feel bad for Jamie, my heart hurt for Kage. Jamie just didn’t touch my heart like Kage did, even though I loved him as well. But Kage….he really made me feel, especially when he expressed his wishes when it came to Jamie’s necklace. In my opinion, there was no better way to tell someone how he felt, and he made me ache.

I couldn’t recommend this book enough, you need to read it. I know not everyone will like it, but this book definitely deserves a chance! In the end, when I try to come up with a general thought or feeling, only one thing comes to mind: Just like for Jamie, FOR ME, KAGE IS EVERYTHING! I wanna cry thinking what a long wait I have until August.

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